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Let's talk about Urban Planning

With a background in urban planning, it is very obvious to me that the current community being built does not reflect what the community needs. The sprawl of building the suburbs is being prioritized over building the infrastructure to sustain community growth. Stittsville would greatly benefit from local services that promote gathering. With a focus on adding corner stores and anticipating infrastructure growth and spirals. There needs to be an end to spending money aimlessly and retroactively.


There is a huge lack of foresight when it comes to adding all of these homes into a community that has zero infrastructure in place beforehand. There is an opportunity to create a thriving community we are proud of. Why are we constantly seeing last stitch efforts to accommodate the growing population? Where is the leadership?! Where is the initiative?! 

Why do I care? 

Living in this community, I am constantly affected by the congested north and south corridors on Main Street and Robert Grant etc. I am not the only one. The congested streets on Terry Fox turning into Abbott have forced community members to drive on the shoulder, which is incredibly dangerous. The attempt to try and keep up with issues after the fact is increasingly ineffective. The complete disregard for anticipating the community’s needs is disappointing and tiresome. Once again, where is the forward thinking and community engagement to recognize the needs of the people?!

Bill the local hero

Meet Bill, one of our local heroes here in the Fernbank community.

Bill has been maintaining and upkeeping trails in the area for years on his own time and dime.

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