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Let's talk about our education system

The lack of city foresight for new developments has become increasingly worrisome. There is a huge discrepancy between the population forecast and the ability to sustain this future growth. Why are our schools being built to 40% capacity and relying on the use of portables as permanent fixtures? Up-and-coming future leaders of our community are being forced to endure learning conditions that are subpar at best.


Portables are relied upon heavily, with common complaints of having no washrooms, the ventilation is poor, too hot in the spring and too cold in the winter,  causing inadequate, distracted learning environments. This is Canada after all. This poses safety, comfortability and major learning issues. Are we really okay that this is the new standard of education within our community and city?

Why do I care? 


Being a part of this community for the past 7+ years has showcased just how overused the use of portables really is. There has to be better foresight in planning communities, allowing for a better quality of life. It begs the question of how and where our tax dollars are being allocated and why are we always acting reactively to situations (CTC). We need better management and efforts to start thinking long-term and proactively (planning). Our neighbourhoods and community suffer when there is such poor planning and a lack of leadership and vision. We and especially, our children deserve better. 

AI Render Gallery of Current School System
based on interviews with students, teachers and janitorial 

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