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Let's talk about Real Estate

There is all this talk about a lack of supply of housing. It is all we hear from news headlines to neighbourhood chatter. Why are we not talking about the demand and what the community wants? What is being done about the demand? Currently, legislators are proposing we reduce builder regulations to build more and faster. We are already dealing with no builder accountability for quality control, yet we want to amp up production and continue to allow builders to produce a hasty, lesser quality product to increase supply. Surely the demand isn’t asking for poorly built homes that barely meet today’s standard building codes? Is this really in the community’s best interest? Why is there no accountability for builders to be held to a better standard of practice? There are better ways to accommodate residents and community growth than these mismanaged and poorly executed developments. We need builder’s to be held accountable. End of story. 

Why do I care? 

As a local resident, I am trying to understand what the overall plan is and want clarification on proper long term planning. As a local Realtor, I am addressing my client’s concerns as to the limitations and mismanagement within new developments. As much as we need to focus on housing availability, must we forego adequate and sustainable housing? Do we really need to give something up in order to get people into homes? There is minimal consumer protection. Neighborhoods are littered with debris and builder’s have free reign within these communities. I, along with many others have lived this first hand. There is simply no accountability from the builder’s and it’s time for change. 

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