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Let's talk about the parking situation

The issue of parking within our communities is another prime example of the lack of leadership and community planning. We are once again held at the mercy of the overlooked foresight into community needs. Our streets are congested, with narrow streets and inadequate options to accommodate the growing community’s needs. It is very apparent that there is no plan to accommodate the intensification of our neighbourhoods. Why is there no legislation in place to require builders to provide tandem parking? Why are driveway extensions illegal when this could potentially provide a solution to a growing problem? Where is the long-term planning for aging communities? We need a leader who is willing to ask these questions and get some answers and make solutions.

Why do I care? 

When I  see community members fighting amongst themselves over parking, it highlights just how far we have gone in the wrong direction with the lack of foresight into community development. This is a huge safety concern amongst ourselves as neighbours. Not to mention the ongoing issue of emergency vehicles being blocked (especially during the winter) and the potential for collisions. Why are streets being built so narrow and forcing tax paying home owners to bear the weight of a poorly developed plan? As a homeowner in this growing community, I am faced with this issue every single day. Why are we not prioritizing community needs over builder’s interests? What is being done to address these concerns and what plans are being developed to create a better, sustainable community? We need accountability and higher level thinking, keeping community needs at the forefront of the decision making process.

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