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Let's talk about the Current Govt. Services

There is a complete lack of management and accountability when it comes to our parks, trails and current government services. 311 is inundated with calls, with many issues being passed onto local residents taking their own initiative to care for the communities they live in. Not to mention 311 will not respond to calls if it is a building owner community. This is another example of the complete lack of leadership and delegation from our current council. Issues are being disregarded and neglected. Our parks are overgrown with dangerous wild parsnip. There is no legislation in place to regulate the time a development gets passed onto the city. No one is accepting responsibility for the maintenance of our communities, particularly in the new developments. Garbage is overflowing, community members are frustrated, we are losing pride in the community and it is only getting worse. What will it take to start seeing results?

Why do I care? 

As an active community member and local resident, I am once again faced with the question of where are our tax dollars going?! We are paying full taxes for only partial municipal services. The issues are insurmountable. Drains are clogged on city streets. Local residents are maintaining ( at their own expense!!!) wild, overgrown city property because it’s been so blatantly neglected. Our older established communities are under serviced with parks  with garbage overflowing. Yet another symptom of mismanagement and lack of planning. Where is our government? Where is the voice for our community? Are all of these issues just going to continue? We need accountability, action, results, and we need it NOW. 

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