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Let's talk about CTC

The discussions of moving the home of the Sens to LeBreton Flats begs the question of what the future holds in store for the Canadian Tire Centre. What are the plans in place to maximize the use of this space and meet future community needs? There is a huge potential to spark new discussions and pioneer new plans to redevelop this expansive space into a health care / urgent care centre, hospital, entertainment… We need a public consultation and discussion. The opportunity to bring sustainable, long-term employment, while catering to the growing health needs of the community, is exciting and forward-thinking. Attracting and RETAINING new skilled talent to the community - complimenting tech hub.  We need to be thinking long term and what an aging population would need, while taking pressure off of already overwhelmed hospitals and systems currently in place, It is time to improve the quality of life for this community and in turn, the city of Ottawa.

Why do I care? 

I hear it all the time. Hospitals are overwhelmed, wait times for medical care are through the roof and there are minimal options for healthcare in the Stittsville/Kanata area. It is an incredibly under serviced area, especially for such a high income producing community. Another sign of poor leadership and lack of long term, forward thinking for our vibrant community in the Capital city of Canada. Seeking healthcare shouldn’t mean driving to distant cities or waiting in lines for hours after a long commute. What is being done to address these serious issues? We need incentive for people  to move to our community where they can thrive and sustain their growth for years to come. It is time to plan for success and take initiative where it is desperately needed.

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