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Let's talk about Builders

The current state of affairs with newly constructed homes is abysmal at best. The construction is cheap and hastily developed. There is ZERO accountability being enforced for a minimum standard of construction. These newly built homes are barely passing building codes and are littered with deficiencies when delivered to community members. Not to mention the landfill our members have to live through because there are no enforced regulations keeping these communities clean. The debris gets into our drains, (maybe this is why they are clogged?!), gets into our ecosystems and there is no end in sight.

I will not be accepting donations from any Builder and it begs the question if builders are funding other campaigns. How else can we explain the lack of accountability and zero action from the government given the endless lists of complaints and problems?! Legislation needs to be implemented to have builders finish phases in cleanliness and be able to pass them onto the city sooner so that our newly built communities are not falling through the cracks. Perhaps to fine these builders $1,000 a day for mismanaged garbage would create some incentive to keep our neighbourhoods clean! There is a desperate need for change. How much longer can our concerns go unaddressed?!

Why do I care? 

I have personally been living this nightmare for the past 3 years. So have my neighbours and fellow community members. Not only does this affect our quality of life, but this also affects the entire future of our ward. We need better quality control in our construction and in our neighbourhoods. I have been trying for years to have these issues dealt with, by our current counsellor, to no avail. Who is going to start holding builders accountable?! Who is going to start implementing real change to address these serious issues?! We need action and we need it now. 

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