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Meet Mat @ Village Square Park


New door flyers are out and will be arriving at your homes very shortly #Stittsville with new leadership will bring desperately needed CHANGE:

  • End intensification in its current form

  • Smart growth: Transit Oriented development where they make sense

  • End high density on single lane roads

  • Fight to have our tax dollars come back to us from Ottawa

  • Design master plan for CTC area - rethink LRT route

  • End portable culture with schools - build once, build right

  • End & expose waste and corruption

  • Prioritize infrastructure on the #criticalpath to Stittsville growth and success

  • Critical Community Services: Health, Police & Fire

  • End builder’s request for intensification where is does not make sense

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Let’s keep in mind that this election is a vote to determine if we want high density in our neighbourhoods which are lacking Critical Community Infrastructure to support and service these type high rise developments;

- Inadequate roads (Robert grant can’t support in its current form)

- Inadequate schools

- Inadequate fire services (ladders and man power)

- Inadequate transit to support this density

Why are we master planning our communities, when we allow builders and developers to replan it at their will under the guise of ‘intensification is best for us’ well in this form IT IS NOT - it’s affecting our community growth and quality of life negatively hère for already established residents. High density belongs close to major arterial roads, transit hubs (LRT), highway to mitigate impacts on existing built form, neighbourhoods and their infrastructure

Building high density around LRT is a basic urban planning model; it’s called DOT (Transit Oriented Developments) and all major cities embrace this model, look at Kanata centrum, high density is close to major roads/ highway.

Let’s bring back common sense planning that works for our people and for new comers to our area alike - PEOPLE OVER PROFIT

Current Issues - Mat's Priorities

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Bring back

Mixed Used Planning

Video Gallery

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We appreciate Goldie Ghamari taking the time to meet with me and discussing how we can collaborate at all levels of government to raise funds for the schools and medical facilities that Stittsville so desperately needs. I noticed a lot of openness on the part of her office; now it's time for us to contribute locally by choosing a candidate who can forge effective partnerships and develop a strategy with our allies to build vital community infrastructure.

Let's build our future together


Are we really okay that this is the new standard of education within our community and city?


Example of lack of leadership and community planning.



Real Estate

 Why is there no accountability for builder’s to be held to a better standard of practice?


 It is time to plan for success and take initiative where it is desperately needed.

Community being built does not reflect the community needs.

Urban Planning

Legislate in order to represent the PEOPLE OVER BUILDER


Current Govt.

Where are our tax dollars going?

Bill - The Local Hero


Meet one of our local heroes here in the Fernbank community.

Bill has been maintaining and upkeeping public trails in the area for years on his own time and dime.

If you are interested or looking into a way to give back to Bill, use the button below:

Hi, Mathew Duchesne here

I'm running for change as a local resident . Our municipal counsel lacks leadership, I have decided to speak up for the concerns of our community. With a double major in urban planning and a wealth of project management and construction expertise, I will apply my education and skills to raise the standard of living for our citizens, concentrating on the responsibility of the builders and proactive preparation for our ongoing and future sustainable growth.

We have the chance to create a welcoming, high-quality neighbourhood that we can be proud of. As the problems affecting our neighbourhood worsen, something must be done.


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